This page is about informing and explaining the confusing creature that is British democracy ahead of the General Election on May 7th.

There's loads of opinion flying around about politics at the moment, most of which is worthy and useful in its own way... But it can also end up leaving you confused. Here are a few sites that will help you research your General Election choice:

  1. YourNextMP   -YourNextMP helps you quickly find out information about the candidates who are standing in your constituency.    
  2. Vote for Policies -  Vote for Policies asks you consider the stated broad policy (pre-manifesto) positions of each party.                
  3. Vote Match  - Vote match is another pre-manifesto vote comparison app, but simpler and less detailed than Vote for Policies.  
  4. Theyworkforyou - They work for you looks at your MP's record over their political career, including their speeches in the the chamber. 
  5. Electoral Reform Society - Are you in a so-called "safe seat", where one party is dominant? Find out here.
  6. May2015 - This one's a bit geeky, but it gives an overview of the latest polling and constituency breakdowns. One to check out if you're really getting into it!
  7. Fullfact -Confused about the various claims and counter claims that the parties make? Fullfact check their accuracy.
  8. Election2015 - Analysis of the spending promises and the numbers from the Institute of Fiscal studies.
  9. Democratic Dashboard - Lots of detail, including demographic data about our constituency. Interesting stuff!

Another site worth taking a look at is that of Sheffield University's Crick Centre, where academics and political scientists look at aspects of our ancient, sometimes muddled democracy and explain them in plainspoken English.

Telegraph 90 Second Manifesto Summaries:


Back to the Future:  2010 Election Facts (and misconceptions)

People make all sorts of claims about politicians all being the same, that no one's bothered about voting and a host of other claims. Here are a few facts about the last election:

Some facts about your MPs


Want to know more?

If you feel like you still don't know enough, take a look at our work-in-progress, extremely rough guide!