Sometimes people feel like they shouldn't vote because they don't feel informed enough to make a proper decision. Occasionally that means that they won't vote at all.

If that sounds like you... give yourself a pat on the back. Why? Because it means that you're taking it seriously. You're not voting a certain way because that's what your family does, out of habit or because everyone around you says that they'll vote that way. You're thinking for yourself.

Secondly, recognise that Democracy (politics) is complicated and messy. It's not a science and there is no "answer"; you can  never be perfectly informed. Politics is a process, an endless war of ideas that morphs and evolves.  Its currents change direction, speed up in some areas and slow down in others. Ideas that have been carried along for a long time can be dropped to the bottom whilst new principles can be taken up and shaped by the flow. Whilst some channels run deep, nothing lasts forever. Times change.   

Just as people change, so do the parties. Labour or the Conservatives aren't uniform, disciplined armies of party robots; they're full of bickering, diverse people, most of whom think that they know the right answer. Forget about The Coalition - every party that's ever been was a coalition. That's why Your Democracy is an important tool for you to use - it'll tell you the colour of your MP far more than the logo on your ballot paper.

Another thing: it's not always useful to think in terms of "left wing" and "right wing". You may have some beliefs that are traditionally associated with one part of the spectrum and others that are typically claimed by the rival tribe. This isn't as unusual as you might think. Plans for the future of Your Democracy aim to address this in the long term, but for the time being many people will find that however they place their general election vote, they'll be compromising on some of their values.

In the act of doubting your own knowledge, you've already proved you have the right attitude. Use the site, do a little research and cast your vote as best you can.

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