Every time you compete a set of key questions or refer a friend who subsequently joins the site, you earn activity points.

What do points mean, you ask? Sadly, not prizes.

Actually, it's better than that. Points mean money for charity.

At the end of our first year, we'll convert all of the points our community has earned and turn them into money. We'll then hold a poll of our users to select a suitable charity that we'll donate the cash to. For the time being, we've capped the maximum donation amount to £10,000, but we'll review that as we go along according to the number of members we have and how things are progressing generally.

The charities we're considering are:

1.) The MS Society.

2.) Alzheimers Research UK.

3.) Medicins Sans Frontiers.

4.) The Royal National Lifeboat Institute

5.) The Marine Conservation Society.

The reason Your Democracy exists is to make the UK a better place through the actions of our members. Donating money to worthy causes is just one other way we want to reward you for your help.